As everyone New Orleans holds a special place in my heart. I have traveled there more than any place that I do not have family or work, being there over 2 dozen times. Each trip in itself is unique as the city is. For all my trips around the globe, I have yet to find a place quite like New Orleans.

In this particular post, I am sharing pictures from a Voodoo tour that we had done. I have a history with voodoo that few would expect being from Kentucky. I do not speak of it often, nor will I go into it here, but I the experiences have helped me in life know to to keep my heart and mind open.

The tour took us to Louis Armstrong park part of which was formerly known as Congo Square, which lies just outside of the French Quarter. This is where the slaves would gather to practice their ceremonies, music and rituals that were forbidden by the people who owned them. They would draw out symbols using cornmeal so they could easily disperse it if someone came across them while performing the rituals. This was a dark time in our history but one that should not be forgotten and risk repeating it.

If you ever get to New Orleans, make sure you take time to learn of its rich history and the people that came before you. You will not be disappointed. I hope everyone likes the pictures.