When I was in Milwaukee I got the opportunity to visit the Pabst mansion. It was built late in the 19th century by Captain Frederick and Maria Pabst. He was of course president of the Pabst brewing company. It of course was no named that when he started there, it was the Phillip Best Brewing Company. He purchased half interest in the company and began working for the company. First as Vice President and later became President of the company for decades. So long they renamed it after him. This history of course you can look up yourself.

It is such a gorgeous home, and the architecture was exquisite. Surviving well over a hundred years for all of us to enjoy today. Sadly I could not take picture inside the the woodwork is fantastic inside. The craftsmen who helped build and customize this mansion, did such astonishing work.

If you get the opportunity you should definitely check out this place.  Hope everyone relishes in the images.