Brúarfoss ('Bridge Falls') is a relatively small waterfall compared to many of its Icelandic counterparts, but its diminutive size does nothing to take away from its staggering beauty. Both locals and seasoned travelers regard Brúarfoss as one of the country’s hidden gems, often labelling it 'Iceland’s Bluest Waterfall.'

It took me around an hour and half to hike up to this waterfall. During the hike I thought I had gotten lost several times, and thought about turning around. That would have been a mistake, as this was one of the best waterfalls in Iceland.

I spent a couple of hours taking photographs and just enjoying the beauty that was in front of me. The water is fed from a glacier and is some of the bluest water I have every witnessed. The pictures do not do it justice. If you ever have the opportunity to be in Iceland I highly recommend you take a few hours and hike up to Brúarfoss to see the spectacular sight.

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures below. There are plenty more on the way.

Bruarfoss Waterfall
★★★★★ · Waterfall · Brekkuskógur
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