Meteor Crater

2017 June 07
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by Brent Jones


Meteor Crater is a meteorite impact crater approximately 37 miles (60 km) east of Flagstaff and 18 miles (29 km) west of Winslow in the northern Arizona desert of the United States. Because the United States Board on Geographic Names commonly recognizes names of natural features derived from the nearest post office, the feature acquired the name of "Meteor Crater" from the nearby post office named Meteor. The site was formerly known as the Canyon Diablo Crater and fragments of the meteorite are officially called the Canyon Diablo Meteorite. Scientists refer to the crater as Barringer Crater in honor of Daniel Barringer, who was first to suggest that it was produced by meteorite impact. The crater is privately owned by the Barringer family through their Barringer Crater Company, which proclaims it to be the "best preserved meteorite crater on Earth".

Despite its importance as a geological site, the crater is not protected as a national monument, a status that would require federal ownership. It was designated a National Natural Landmark in November 1967.

I wanted to make sure I got to see this meteor crater while in Arizona. the immense size of it is amazing, to just imagine the power that went into creating such a place. The crater itself was created in approximately 10 seconds, the fallout of course went longer, but that initial destruction was quick and immense.

If you lived anywhere in Arizona, you would have seen this impact and felt the impact on the earth. Of course this crater is tiny in comparison to the one that killed the dinosaurs, but to see one like this that is perfect like this one is, is rare.

You will have seen this crater in the movie Starman, if you have watched it. Several other events occurred at the site as well such as training for the Apollo mission.

Hope everyone likes the pictures.


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